As a mother of 4, I had to figure out a way for my children and their friends to enjoy their meals whilst remaining healthy and nutritious. For me, pouring out a table sauce full of sugar and artificial ingredients was not an option, over the years I made and perfected my Sweet Sauce.

My children and I realised how great the sauce was therefore, I went into local schools to allow the children to test it out and the feedback was great. My children now said “Mum you have to make this for the world”. An Idea was born on that day and the rest is history. We have now added Hot, Xtra and Xtremely Hot flavours to the range for the Adults.



Ngozi’s Kitchen is committed to Quick, Easy, Healthy Eating and Healthy Lifestyle remains the core of the company mission.

Ngozi’s Kitchen Range of Sauces are UK based, Home Made with Love and cooked with Natural ingredients sourced locally.

We use Natural ingredients to create a unique yet authentic taste for each of the sauces.

Our product offers Premium Quality in Terms of Freshness and Taste combined with Ready Made Convenience.

Ngozi’s Kitchen Range of Sauce are Naturally Rich in Vitamin C. No Artificial Colour, Flavours or Preservatives. 99% Fat Free.

Suitable for Vegetarians and Gluten Free Use as a condiment or to add flavour to any of your favourite dishes.

Watch this space for More Great recipes