How do I use Ngozi’s Kitchen Sauces?

Dip – To compliment favorite appetizer.

Enjoy our sauces on its own particularly the hot or add natural yogurt or olive oil per serving and serve. But if you love your flavour and heat, enjoy it “FULL STOP“

Marinade: –  chicken, meat or fish, vegetables and your grilled dinners will never be the same. Great on salmon!

Just add to your cooking – once you start enjoying Ngozi’s Kitchen Sauces, you will be hooked so feel free to share your experiences with us on face book page facebook.com/Ngoziskitchen

Spread on sandwiches, baguette, toast and more.

Table Sauce (Condiment) – give any good authentic flavours.

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Allergens: The best bit is that our products are free from many allergens, suitable for Vegans, Vegetarian, gluten, nut, dairy and wheat free. Cooked from fresh, finest quality ingredients.


The Health Benefits of Hot Sauce

Is Hot Sauce Good For You? If you like to put hot spices or hot sauces on your food, you may be doing yourself a favour.

Capsaicin, the alkaloid responsible for the spicy flavour in hot peppers, may offer benefits in treatment of some diseases. Eating hot sauces can play a role in digestive health, cardiovascular health and in long-term cancer prevention.

Source of Vitamin C: Vitamin C is connected to fast metabolism, the development of connective tissues, immune function, healing wounds and iron absorption. Its also an antioxidant, which means it destroys free radicals that can enter and damage cells. As a source of Vitamin C, which is necessary for the production of collagen, a protein required to help wounds heal. Hot sauce contain vitamin A, folate, magnesium and potassium so it imparts more nutritional value to your food.

They increase circulation: When you eat hot pepper, the capsaicin in the pepper stimulates you nerves in a way that favours increased blood flow. This shows that pepper increase circulation and might benefit people with high blood pressure.

They lower Cholesterol: Another way hot pepper can improve your heart and circulatory health is by regulating cholesterol absorption, allowing excess cholesterol to be eliminated from the body. This suggests hot pepper sauce may play a role in helping you keep your cholesterol level in a healthy range.

They Improve Digestion: In traditional medicine, hot spices have been used as digestive stimulants and to cure digestive ailments.

They May Help Prevent Cancer: Study have also shown that capsaicin plays a role in cancer prevention. Researches have demonstrated capsaicin hinders the growth of prostrate tumours, meaning that spicing your food could prevent the onset of prostrate cancer. Also hot peppers may also help prevent lag cancer in those who smoke or live in polluted areas.

Weight loss: Hot sauce is essentially calorie free. You can add as much hot sauce to your meals as you’d like without going over your daily calorie intake. Use hot sauce to add flavour to vegetables, fish and meat. Lightly coating chopped veggies in hot sauce before roasting. Capsaicin has another potential benefit during weight loss it may, help your body absorb micro nutrients, like vitamins and minerals in our food. When you are eating a restricted-calorie diet, every calorie counts, and adding hot sauce can help yogurt the most nutritional value for your foods.

Weight management: Hot sauce can also boost your metabolism for hours after you eat it, which can help with weight management and the prevention of obesity according to “European journal of nutrition” indicates that eating a meal with hot sauce reduces levels of ghrelin, a hormone that stimulates hunger. At the same time, it raises levels of GLP—1, which is an appetite suppressing hormone. Spicy foods can be used to curb appetite and aid weight loss, which makes sense, because setting fire to your mouth tends to have a prohibitive effect on consumption.

Antioxidants and Nutrition: Antioxidants, such as vitamin A and C are man-made or natural substances that may prevent or delay some type of cell damage. Antioxidants also work to eliminate oxidative stress in the body, which is a major factor in aging. Further more, there is good evidence that eating a diet rich in antioxidants is healthy and lowers risks of certain diseases

Disclaimer:  This is not prescribed for medical purposes and the information should not be used to treat or diagnose.